2 Player mode is coming on, as you can see.


Its also given me a fresh range of problems, from more menus and graphics to make to the big question(at the moment) of what happens when one of the players die?

In single player mode, you currently have to do redo the entire level when you die, but Ive decided to scrap that and find a better way. It needs to be fun and keep the gameplay flowing, and having to redo everything youve just done will be really frustrating.

2 Player mode has the potential to be very fun, so I dont want to ruin it with a crappy system.

ibb and obb have found a great solution to it. When one player dies, he turns into a ghost and starts floating slowly off the screen. The other player then has to touch him before he leaves the screen to save him (i got this from watching the video, so I might be wrong, or there might be more to it, but its an excellent idea still). By the way if you haven’t seen ibb and obb I suggest you check it out, it looks like a brilliant game.

There are also the other, more commonly used methods like using checkpoints or spawning next to the other player, but Il need to do some experimenting and playtesting with all of them to find out what works best.

If any of you have got some ideas, about this or anything else, please feel free to share them.


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