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Hello everyone

Thanks to everyone who tried out Boxycraft, and for the great responses and critisism I got. Theres a lot of things I hope to fix and change soon, and hopefully it can keep getting better!

At the moment though Ive been doing some big work on the Boxycraft Level Editor. Have a look at the video to see it in action.

Ive been looking through tons of Little Big Planet videos to see how their level editor works, and other physics games like Phun. Im trying to make it fun, easy and powerfull enough to build anything you can think of !

Integrating it into the game is a big change from the original form-based editor that Ive been using before, but I think it’ll be worth it, making it easier for people to enjoy the level they’re creating.

As you can see its not finished yet, and Ive still got a ton of work to do, features to include, graphics to improve etc. but its inspiring that its actually working!

And before I go heres 2 awesome physics games for you:

Max and the Magic Marker by Press Play

Hitlers Must Die! by Cryptic Sea


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