Toxic Bunny!

What a surprise! I just discovered that an ancient favorite game of mine is being ressurrected as a Java port!

Toxic Bunny

I first borrowed Toxic Bunny from a friend many years ago, and I absolutely loved it! Not only was it an extremely fun game, but it was also developed locally in South Africa, which made it even more attractive!

I was reminded about about this game when I read that Earthworm Jim was being ported to a number of consoles. This brought back some fond platforming memories, including some of Toxic Bunny. So I searched on google and this is what I found!

Its always good to see an old favorite getting new life, but this was also South Africa’s first hit in the gaming industry, selling over 150,000 units and being translated into French, Dutch, Polish and German. It was the spark that got our game industry going!

They are using javag as their game engine, which they wrote themselves and is all open source. They are documenting their progress on their blog, so go ahead and have a read!

Also, anyone interested can have a look at this article on Gamasutra. Its “The South African Game Development Scene: Past, Present and Future”. It was written by a writer from, South Africas very own game development site, and it’s quite good.

Anyway, just something pleasing from my day, Cheers!

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