My little critters

the hord of critters

Heres a picture of an experimental test level I made. The glowing pink balls are creature brains, which are attatched to the made up creatures and have their action is set to “follow”. There is an emitter at the end of the level that is constantly spawning the creatures.

die, beast!

When you jump on a creature brain the creature falls apart and you bounce happily into the air. If you time it right you can also bounce from one creature brain to the next without touching the ground. Luckily these creatures are harmless, so if you time it wrong you can always try again.

Another thing that I’ve done is written a new graphics structure that gets rid of the ugly lines you can see in the last screenshots when an object has a hole in it.

shapes of all sizes

The editor is also smarter, so that when placing items such as wheels or brains onto an object it automatically clips them to the right position, no more need for fine adjustments or mouse control!

With just a click and a drag, you can now select multiple items and do with them what you want! Batch selection and modification saves a ton of work!

Even though the graphics look the same, I can promise that the level design possibilities have expanded by miles! All the work I’ve done has been on the editor and the code, allowing for more possibilies and adding more features.

Im pretty proud of my work, especially after I put the above level together in less than a minute with the new editor, and actually had loads of fun dodging and popping the creatures while they swarmed endlessly around me!

whos eye??

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading about my game as much as I did putting it together.

Do you have any ideas or features you think I should include in my game? Or are there some things you’d like me to write about or post screenshots of?

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