New Character!

Boxboy has been upgraded with a skeletal animation and physics system that make him squishier and bouncier than before. It’s breaking news!


Using this new technique  I can also attach little physics bits to him as decorations, like a tail or feelers or balloons, and I can also create some nifty animations such as a victory dance or taunts.

Are there any other changes you think I  should make while I’m at it? And any ideas for addons and enhancements?

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11 Comments on “New Character!”

  1. soad667 Says:

    Cool, i liked how you made it more bouncy. How about a mouth too? That could change to show various moods, like happy, sad etc. Different moods could be triggered in different situations, like passing a level, get hit by objects, collecting bubbles and stuff like these.

    Oh, and a nice scoreboard you got there! Interesting…

    • boxycraft Says:

      I thought of a mouth, but facial expressions for getting hit by an object and collecting crystals is a good idea!

      My first thought for collecting crystals was the Heavy from Team Fortress’s grin!

  2. AgeofHock Says:

    Looks nice 😀

  3. Ratinod Says:

    Cool Boxboy! I Interestingly, what clothes will be for him?I can make clothes yourself?And when you’ll need to choose? Prior to the game or during the game?I have an ideas, but I do not know that there are already in the game 🙂 .
    1)The game have a “camera”?
    2)”damaging material”
    3)”disappearing material”
    4)how to connect the material and the image?[img][/img]

    • boxycraft Says:

      There will definitly be clothes and other items to attatch to Boxboy, but I can’t tell you any more just yet.

      The level-editor doesn’t have camera control tools yet, but I plan to add them soon. It will be invaluable in creating intense levels, especially for the story mode!

      2 – 3)
      The game does not have material that can be damaged or destroyed, but it is planned for the future, along with dissolvable material!

      And yes, I have stickers that you connect to objects, just like in your picture 🙂 I noticed that you drew the “new” boxboy, thanks!

  4. Ratinod Says:

    I have a request. Make a “configuration management” and management gamepad.
    P.S:Can you released an alpha version of the game + editor? 🙂

  5. Saint Says:

    Needs more suit.

  6. AgeofHock Says:

    Hello, dear creators Boxycraft
    I have a few questions about them:
    I have no idea of creating the game
    With what you’ve done this game
    you have to make yourself a program?

    • Saint Says:

      From what I understand:
      You are asking the creator (only one) how to make a game? “I have no idea of creating the game” This means I think that you have no idea how to create a game?
      “with what you’ve done this game you have to make yourself a program?” I would think this means that you are asking to make a game you need to make a program?
      The answer would be yes and no, a traditional game is created by code, this code would follow the laws written into it, then you draw/model object for the code to use to make it a game, you then can write programs for level creation and other things, the basics of a game however, are code. By chance would your native language not be english?

  7. lucasnordbo Says:

    You can make so the new boys can make a spray just like in Steam games 🙂

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