Boxycraft 2 – Plans

I have been adding to and refining features in Boxycraft almost non stop since the original version. However, I’ve decided it’s time to declare a few “certainties” that will definitely be in the final release. Here they are:

List – New things in Boxycraft 2

  • Level Editor
  • Moddable with Lua
  • Customizable characters with costumes and attachments
  • Community website to share levels and mods
  • New gameplay modes
  • Multiplayer – Online, local and hotseat
  • Tons of new items
  • Better art, graphics and sound
  • Continuous support, development and updates

To reach these goals and make Boxycraft into a really awesome game I am going to need better art, graphics and sound, not to mention maintaining the website, and I can’t do all this myself. It was a big, difficult decision to make, but I have decided that I am going to sell Boxycraft 2!

If you don’t know what Boxycraft is about, then download the original version and try it out. Boxycraft has come a long way since then and is continually improving, so times how good that was by a million and you will get Boxycraft 2!

I don’t yet have a release date, but as soon as I can I will release the game for preorder, along with the Beta and the Level Editor. In the meantime I will continue working on the game and keeping you up to date on my progress!

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14 Comments on “Boxycraft 2 – Plans”

  1. soad667 Says:

    Cool, good decision to charge some money for it. With all these features you plan to implement, it will worth it for sure. I had an “inner” bad feeling about how are you gonna do all this work and add so many awesome features, while doing this for free.

    Can’t wait to see how much is it going to cost. Btw, people who pre-order, will gain access to all the betas before the final release? Keep it up…

  2. Ratinod Says:

    Good plans for the future!
    From the beginning I knew that she would be paid, and it happened.I used to buy games in stores. Never buy them via the Internet.
    I am concerned the payment method of the game and its price.
    PS:There will be other languages? (I could translate into Russian)

  3. Saint Says:

    Well, I would rather buy this than minecraft seeing as you earned the money while all the dev of minecraft did was make a crap game with lame graphics. I look forward to purchasing boxycraft.

  4. RebL Says:

    Hey I love your game. But i would really like to play it with my xbox wireless controller, is this possible?

  5. Josh White Says:

    There’s nothing wrong with charging! I love boxycraft and I look forward to bc2, and I definitely do not have a problem paying for it.

    I recently bought pre-orders for Overgrowth and Natural Selection II, I guess I’m just all about indie games anymore.

    Make sure it has simultaneous multiplayer!

  6. fuck you Says:

    sell out a-hole

  7. madhatter Says:

    It is amazing! Thanks so much for the game!
    Im waiting for Boxycraft 2 and if you need a designer, im at your service

  8. madhatter Says:

    its my variant of the game =)
    I did it last night.

    • madhatter Says:

      Oh! I have forgot, its russian now… Ive repaint almost sprites.

    • boxycraft Says:

      Nice job! It’s cool seeing the game look so different!

      • madhatter Says:

        Thanks) But your job is awesome!

        You may give me story and character, and ill give you your design if you want.

        I dreamed about littlebigplanet on PC, and i got. Thanks so much! And now i want to give smthng instead. You have my email. Im at your service.

        btw: my english badly, sry.

  9. Lunatic Says:

    Is this still in development?
    I can’t see any activity. Too bad..

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