New Scripting Objects

Happy New Year to everyone!

I’ve been working hard implementing the scripting into the game engine, and have managed to put together some new backgrounds, new objects, a costume and some facial expressions for Boxboy!

The facial expressions might be difficult to see with Boxboys false beard in the way, so watch the video in HD!

At the moment I am using LuaInterface to interface Lua with the CLR, but I will also be trying out the Tao.Lua bindings to see how much faster they perform. Kopi Lua is another interesting project, it is a direct port of Lua to C#, but it is still very early on in development and hasn’t been optimised yet.  Do you have any experience using Lua with .Net languages?

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3 Comments on “New Scripting Objects”

  1. Ratinod Says:

    Happy New Year to everyone! Thanks for new Christmas roller from game! It was necessary to add beard still 🙂

  2. John Mike Says:

    Awesome Brilliant game,i think it will fullfill my dreams….

    btw … GAMEMODE:

    Assault-its like counter strike,just in 2d with boxymans…

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