Editor Update: Docked Windows

I’ve been meaning to do away with floating toolbars for some time now, as they’re messy and get in the way, but there’s always seemed to be something more urgent getting in the way.

Finally though, I got inspired by this post and thanks to my work on dynamic property forms, it took no time at all to get it working!

I will be completely doing away with the WinForms UI over time and using my own custom built one, but in the meantime small easy changes like this are still worth it.

Its a big change moving UI’s, especially when you’ve built yourself into a certain one, but when you see how good they look in games like Overgrowth you can see why they’re worth it!

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2 Comments on “Editor Update: Docked Windows”

  1. lexder Says:

    Hello, Robert, thanx for Boxycraft – really amazing game!
    When we can see any media from Boxycraft 2? Just waiting it so much 😉
    Good luck!

    • boxycraft Says:


      There are a lot of major changes I have planned for the actual game, so before I can start on them I have to make sure that all the basics are working well first, or it will just slow everything down.

      This means that the level editor and the new GUI have to be working, and then only can I start on all the good stuff!

      There are still some things I can do now, like all the scripting I’ve implemented, but the majority of the changes have to wait.

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