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September 21, 2009

I just got a review on the PiXEL PROSPECTOR website! See the review.

It’s a great website that showcases promising looking indie games.

The review they gave me is really nice and includes some new gameplay footage and lots of great screenshots.


Update, and a look at Magnetic Mind

August 31, 2009

Ok, heres a quick update on what I’ve done these last few days:

  • I’ve changed sound engines from FMod to OpenAL
  • I’ve changed the graphics style more towards the original look
  • I’m busy making a button switch that you can activate by jumping on or putting a heavy object on
  • Fixed some rendering issues
  • Lots of little Tweaks! 🙂

Also, have a look at Magnetic Mind. Its a Dream Build Play entry thats looks similar to Little Big Planet, and it looks awesome!

The 3-man team laXarIS have really done a brilliant job on the graphics, physics and everything, and plus it looks like its performing really well on the XBOX! All the best for DreamBuildPlay2009 guys!

Toxic Bunny!

August 26, 2009

What a surprise! I just discovered that an ancient favorite game of mine is being ressurrected as a Java port!

Toxic Bunny

I first borrowed Toxic Bunny from a friend many years ago, and I absolutely loved it! Not only was it an extremely fun game, but it was also developed locally in South Africa, which made it even more attractive!

I was reminded about about this game when I read that Earthworm Jim was being ported to a number of consoles. This brought back some fond platforming memories, including some of Toxic Bunny. So I searched on google and this is what I found!

Its always good to see an old favorite getting new life, but this was also South Africa’s first hit in the gaming industry, selling over 150,000 units and being translated into French, Dutch, Polish and German. It was the spark that got our game industry going!

They are using javag as their game engine, which they wrote themselves and is all open source. They are documenting their progress on their blog, so go ahead and have a read!

Also, anyone interested can have a look at this article on Gamasutra. Its “The South African Game Development Scene: Past, Present and Future”. It was written by a writer from, South Africas very own game development site, and it’s quite good.

Anyway, just something pleasing from my day, Cheers!

Behind Boxboy…

June 30, 2009

Behind BoxBoy

Boxboy can run, jump, grab hold of things, balace on top of rolling balls and so much more, which is really amazing with him being only a virtual box.

To figure out this madness, I chased him down and delicately split him apart lengthwise, using CTRL-X to cut, and after digging deep into his physical anatomy this is what I found:

First of all, all he really is a box and a ball, which are connected together by a Motor Joint.

The motor in this Joint is switched on whenever he wants to move, and will roll him over the ground at a constant speed. Like a one wheeled car.

To stop Boxboy falling over at every bump is a Fixed Angle Joint, which keeps his body at a specific angle. As he rolls along over the ground, this angle is adjusted to the angle of whatever he is standing on, and so prevents him from standing unrealistically upright on a slope.

To detect the angle of whatever he is standing on, and also to detect whether or not he is actually standing on anything, are 3 short Rays. These begin just under his Rectangle, and return the distance to the ground and the angle of it.

When Boxboy is standing still an Angle Joint clamps down on both his body and his circle, thus preventing him from rolling away out of control down a slope. Like what a handbrake does.

And thats it folks! I hope you learned somoething!

Box Boy

Sadly though, what I learnt was that I couldn’t put him back together again, but I should be able to figure that out with the next one…

“Little Big Planet for the poor!”

June 21, 2009

I got my first review (yay!), and that is how someone described Boxycraft in a comment!

I was pretty pleased, because even though they described it as not too good looking, they said it had a high fun factor, which is excellent!

Anyway, Im busy redoing Boxycraft at the moment, and apart from making it better looking, Im adding a load of new feautures, including new gameplay modes, objects and monsters.

I also plan to put much more emphasis on the 2 player mode, making it more competitive and co-operative.

Thats it for now, but I might have a small demo out soon with some new stuff in 🙂

Making a game

April 3, 2009

This is a video from Kyle Gabler, one of the dudes behind World of Goo. Its a keynote for the Global Game Jam on making a game in 48 hours. Its a great video with advice that can help anyone whether they are making a game in 48 hours or a year. Its about creativity, originalty and the right expectations for your project.

Another great read is this interview with both World of Goo developers Ron Carmel and Kyle Gabler where they discuss the whole process of making their game, their pitfalls and ideas and working as a small team.